Minus is composed of a structure suited for use in marine environments with elevated resistance to UV radiation, accidental impact and atmospheric agents formed by elements constructed in reinforced SMC and BMC thermosetting material flow-moulded through injection at high temperature and pressure. The 4.5 mm thick structure is also self-extinguishing in Class V0 to UL94 Standard and is non-deformable within  the -40°C to +110°C temperature range. All the elements are fastened with screws in bolts in STAINLESS STEEL.



• Kit with low-consumption 20W lamp for the illumination of the surrounding walkable surface and the socket side with automatic switch-on of the night light without requiring the presence of a special lighting line.
• EEC sockets from 16A to 125A.
• “Easy system” electronic control unit with IP55 protection rating and alphanumeric display.
• Main disconnection device.
• Thermomagnetic circuit breakers for the protection of every socket.
• Electronic power meters with display for direct reading for consumer protection homologated to MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) Directive connected to “Easy system” electronic control unit.
• Terminal panels from 16 to 300 mm2.
• Water supply unit in steel and brass equipped with ball valves with reinforced nylon handle
• Class B-H/A-V volumetric water meters in nickel-plated brass with numerator for direct reading (N.B.: the MID Directive specifies the use of meters with built-in numerator) connected to “Easy system” electronic control unit.


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