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• Protection rating: IP44/66 with one slotted door and one non-slotted door. IP66 with two non slotted doors.
• Mechanical strength: IK10 • Type of material: insulating
• IMQ Seal of Quality in compliance with Standard EN62208
• Body in self-extinguishing SMC thermosetting fibreglass (Class V0 to UL94 Standard).
• Electric equipment cabinet in self-extinguishing BMC thermosetting fibreglass (Class V0 to UL94).
• Doors in self-extinguishing shatterproof polycarbonate (Class 2to UL94 Standard) and treated with UV radiation protection. Opening from bottom to top and closed by key.
• Internal bearing structure in SMC thermosetting fibreglass.



The only supply unit that in case of the breakage of the body can be rapidly replaced with no interruption in water or power delivery supply service. Domyna is composed of a structure suited for marine environments with elevated resistance to UV radiation, accidental impact and atmospheric agents formed by a removable external body and two easily replaceable elements. An equipment-holder head and support base, both in reinforced SMC and BMC thermosetting material, are positioned inside.

The 4.5 mm thick self-extinguishing structure (Class V0 to UL94 Standard) is non-destructible in the -40°C to +110°C temperature range. Screws and bolts in AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL. Domyna is equipped with protective doors over the sockets and switches made in 4.5 mm thick injection moulded self-extinguishing and shatterproof polycarbonate (Class V2 to UL94 Standard) provided with treatment against UV radiation and with injected foam polyurethane sealing liners.

Opening from bottom to top and closed by key.

IMQ PIC  Structure with IP 44/66 in compliance with Standard EN62208

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Domyna Dock Head Domyna Pre-paid, 2 16A, 230V electric users, 4 taps of 1/2" Domyna with USA sockets Domyna Pre-paid, 2 125A, 230/400V electric users, 2 taps of 3/4" Domyna Pre-paid 400A, 230/400V, 1 tap of 3/4" Domyna Pre-paid 400A, 230/400V, 1 tap of 3/4"
Domyna Pre-paid 600A, 230/400V, 1 tap of 3/4"          




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