MID Directive

Some people play with definitions at the expense of technical conformity and consumer protection. Not us! From the date of validity of Decree Law. 22/07 that establishes the metrological validation and qualification requisites for the instruments of measurement utilized in systems that perform measurement functions in different applications, including commercial transactions, these principles protect final consumers through transparency. The respect of such principles ensures system managers with a service based on legality and transparency, and protects them as well from any possible accusation of the technical inadequacy of the measurement system behind the delivery of the service. The CE Mark, in fact, and the metrological conformity of the systems of measurement adopted by GGF for its technical solutions permit the system manager to provide precise information on effective consumption and consequently the sum requested for the delivery of the service. In this way, the system manager complies fully with the requisites of transparency and coherency in the service, in respect of the consumer’s best interest. If, in fact, the provisions of Decree Law. 22/07 are applied to instruments of measurement as such (and therefore to the meters and measurement systems adopted for the consumption of volumes of water and power), it must not be forgotten that it is impossible not to consider the fact that in the quantification of all the services rendered with the rental of the boat mooring berth or the caravan/mobile home site there will always be a value that quantifies the effective consumption and this value must be able to be read with certainty in respect of the consumer protection legislation in force (bearing in mind also the provisions of the Consumer Protection Code prescribed by Decree Law. 206 dated 06.09.05 et seq. and in particular, Art. 21, Section I – Deceitful Business Practices). Therefore in order to protect its own clients and final users, in all the versions destined to be used in user consumption measurement systems, GGF installs measurement instruments that comply with the provisions of Decree Law. 22/07 and for such reason are provided with the CE Mark for electric safety certification and the MID Mark for the metrological qualification applicable.

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